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"I've used RCS titanium suspension springs on our Foes racing downhill bikes. They are the lightest bicycle springs available — the easiest way to shave weight off your bike without compromising durability."

Kris Baughman, Professional Downhill Racer

It started with one rider on one team, and in less than two years grew into a national downhill championship and a world cup downhill championship. Titanium springs have now become standard equipment on several of the most advanced full suspension bicycles.

The suspension spring is one of the highest stressed components. In an industry skilled at taking durability to the ragged edge in the pursuit of light weight and improved performance, titanium springs reduce weight, improve dynamic response, and give a level of durability not found in most steel springs.

It’s hard to beat the feel of “coil and oil” shocks. They are also more bulletproof and reliable than air shocks. They don’t leak down, or blow seals as often. The drawback to coil and oil technology is the weight. The strength required to support the rider with the leverage ratios used in contemporary designs dictate substantial springs. These springs get quite heavy, especially as the travel increases in downhill or freeride style suspension frames. Titanium springs can go a long way to reducing the weight. Titanium springs are often 30 to 50% lighter than steel springs.  Additionally, they are designed within the material stress limits to resist set. This means that once the suspension preload is “dialed” it will stay that way, not sag, as overstressed steel spring are prone to do. RCS titanium springs, are simply a superior product utilizing high-grade materials and sophisticated design techniques.